Our Team

Pulkit Zalani

He has had a roller-coaster twenties with life experiences that he's willing to share. Hence he resides as the chief writer and hustler here are Turned Twenty. When he's not practicing his craft, he uses his marketing chops to ensure every published post receives the love it deserves. In his day job, he works as a software engineer.

Tushar Agarwal

He is THE MAN behind the day-to-day operations of Turned Twenty. He has written for various online magazines himself. But now he spends time refining prose by others. In a usual day, you'll find him polishing words and sending valuable feedback that helps the writers improve themselves.

Chintan Zalani

He fulfils a behind-the-scenes role at Turned Twenty overlooking the content strategy and assisting Tushar in his editing. In his alternate life, he works as a content marketer and blogger.

If you've any feedback for our team or want to join us in our exciting journey, then please contact us.