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You enter your twenties and start experiencing this WEIRD EMOTION that something is wrong...

Yet it feels right.

Things generally don't happen as per your expectations. 

You feel delightful on some days. But on the others, you behave like a baby. A baby that wants affection and care. That wants to get appreciated by people he is jealous of.

You want to get on the top of world and become an icon overnight. But since you're afraid of the height, you don't even take the first leap towards your massive goal.

Sometimes you feel strongly about a girl...sometimes you feel like your career is getting fucked up with each passing day.

There are rays of hope when things fall into place automatically. But suddenly you again get stretched out. Your boss wants a piece of you. Your boyfriend gets angry with you.

These thoughts make a complex mixture.

You might even feel like your life is a living hell.​

But you know what?

As Steve Jobs puts it, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."

So trust your gut and keep sailing through these roller-coaster twenties. Be a sport because they will be the most eventful years of your life. 

Take a step back. Ask questions. Introspect. And never let anger the better of you. 

Remember that twenties are just another phase of your life and here to test your character. Besides defining your career direction, these will set the tone for the years to come.

Eventually, you'll figure it all out.​

If you nurture your skills, train your intuition and increase your risk appetite, you'll be primed to have a phenomenal life ahead.

How does Turned Twenty help ambitious people in their twenties?

The truckloads of important decisions in your twenties need not kill the joy of living.

At Turned Twenty, we're (my team and I) committed to make your journey exciting. You'll find solutions to most common problems that twenty a someone might encounter. Including but not limited to quarter-life crisis, the weird passion thingy, planning your life and career, staying motivated, travelling and the like. 

You'll not find sleazy entertainment and fluffy articles here. We pride ourselves in possessing high-quality publishing standards. All of our articles are well-researched and refer lots of data, studies and psychology. 

Let me tell you the 2 kinds of articles we don't like:

1. Graphic-heavy mediocre articles - I don't think you get value from listicles that purely contain 10 cat GIFs. Not that list articles or GIF pictures are bad. But they alone don't exercise your brain cells. Turned Twenty articles run deep and are an engaging read - occasionally containing funny pictures to hold your attention.

​2. Basic bullshit - Let's face it. Wikihow already has achieved the impossible with articles like "How to Pretend your Life is like a Sitcom?". Turned Twenty doesn't even want to compete with such rockstars.​ Our articles are geared towards the intelligent and ambitious. We want to be a part of your success with smart and advanced content that challenges conventional wisdom.


I can churn out 15 low-quality pieces every day. But Turned Twenty doesn't aim to overwhelm you and contribute towards the internet information overload phenomenon. Every article we write aims to distill the best pieces of advice for tackling the challenge at hand. Hence it takes sweat and time on our part before we press the publish button.

Since we put the work of condensing science into an enjoyable format, you're ensured to get scientific strategies that will work more often than not. Also, most of our articles will contain actionable strategies to help you get started with implementing our advice straightaway.

In all probability, you won't need to read another article on a subject after you've enjoyed ours.

If you look around the website and don't find a subject you want to read, then drop us a line through the contact page. We'll see if it fits our audience and get to work.

Hope you have a great stay here. 

You can read more about the Turned Twenty team here.

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