10 weird yet amazing places that twenty someone’s need to visit in the world

There is more to life than reading tons of books and securing good grades; more to life than boozing and partying every Saturday night; and more to life than sitting in front of your computer screens watching your favorite series for the umpteenth time.

We all have made plans of going on vacations, but at the end, had to wound up making excuses instead of memories. Nothing new, right?

A reason why we think that traveling is so important that it actually deserves a post is that it will change you as a person, opening a whole new world for you (like, literally).

Before we go on to convince you that travelling is the best remedy for the mind, body and soul, here are a few amazing things that we can ONLY get from travelling:

Travelling teaches things, which is why it should be done

When we are kids, we get busy with studies and building ourselves. When we are teens, our friends take all of our time. And when we are older, we get too busy adulting. But there comes a time, before we are totally ready to accept all our “grown-up” responsibilities, where we need to take a step outside our comfort zones and set ourselves free. That time is now.

Appreciation of other cultures

No matter where you come from, what kind of education you have had or the people you have been with, it is likely that you had certain preconceptions or notions about other cultures and countries.

You will find your thinking and conceptions being challenged after travelling and meeting new kinds of people. You will start appreciating the differences in societies and lifestyles and you will only learn more.

Building and nurturing relationships

After you have travelled extensively, you will realize that although we are different and unique, we all are the same, anyway. You may belong to the US and visiting India, but you will realize that despite the geographical, economical, cultural or religious differences, all our needs and wants from life are the same.

We all want to be safe, be with our loved ones, be loved and cared for, acquire the basic needs of living and so on.

The world won’t seem so big, afterall.

Helps you cure or get rid of stress and other medical conditions

Don’t believe it?

Sharecare.com is a website that tells us about the new discovaries and inventions in the field of medicine and health. The site says that vacations can lower the chances of a person suffering from any sort of heart diseases.

The Los Angeles Times published an article online which said that according to a study done by The Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, a person who travels often is more likely to remain healthy as compared to those who don’t travel frequently.

According to these articles, those who take vacations often, lead a healthier life as compared to those who do not travel. These articles also say that if you travel frequently enough, or take at least 1 vacation per year, then your mental health improves. Studies have even proved that travelling reduces the impact of depression on a person.

Improves family ties and maintaining relationships

Roger dow points through his article to the studies where it was found that amongst other benefits that one gets from travelling, is the change in one’s family ties. No, it definitely does not change those evil cousins with nice ones, but makes YOU more adaptable.

The more number of trips you make, more the opportunities you get to meet your family. This is the obvious one. However, when you meet new kinds of people from around the world, you become more patient and accepting of your differences.

How to manage your finances

There are many ways to save the extra bucks, but here are the few most important ones:

Airfare: Book way in advance of your trip to avail cheaper tickets for your travel. Some websites even provide all-year discounts.

Cook for yourself: If you stay in rental homes, this comes easy and affordable. Not many people do this, but you can actually pack yourself the days’ meals and not worry about what you’re going to eat.

Search for coupons: Your car rentals could get much cheaper if you can find the right coupons online. Put your tech-savviness to the test.

Stay in vacation homes: If your trip is going to last a week or so, vacation homes might just come a bit cheaper than hotels. And more comfortable.

Stay in towns near the tourist destinations: This allows you to get accommodations which may come cheaper.

Avoid transportations as much as you can: If your destination is a few minutes away, consider using the map that your phone comes with and walk to that place instead of booking a cab.

Make use of your age…. By using your ID proof if you’re a student. Most tourist attractions like museums etc. have discounts for students, senior and others.

10 places to travel when you are in your twenties:

1. Italy

It is a dream for all those who have some idea about this country. The reason why this country has made it to the list is because of the rich history it has. Apart from being a beautiful place, in terms of scenic beauty, beaches, shopping and other touristy things, Italy has a fair share of ruins which have not only been the product of creativity, but also inspire creativity in those who visit them.

A must-visit for lovers of architecture and history, Italy is what you should be saving up for. It is home to a remarkable 49 UNESCO World Heritage sites!

St Peter's Basilica, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and Milan Cathedral are only some of the many, many architectural wonders in Italy. When you take a tour of these constructions, you enlighten yourself with the knowledge of Italy’s vibrant past.

A long tour of Italy (say for about a month) is not only a good idea to explore a new country, but by staying there you get a chance to learn their native language, Italian. The best part about this is that one learns Italian through real-life situations, so you will know what to say when and it won’t be like the typical classroom sessions of learning a language.

A vacation lasting more than a month will not get you bored, in fact, there is so much to explore in this country, that you may fall short of time. The culture, food, architecture and the people attract visitors from across the globe.

The Vatican Museums: It holds a variety of artworks throughout the centuries which have been collected and preserved in all their glory. A visit to this museum is a great way of knowing the history and culture of Italy and the artists it has produced.

Sicily: Mt. Etna is what comes to mind when you think of Sicily. But a live volcano isn’t a very appealing place to visit, is it?Sicily is more than just an island with a volcano. The beauty of it lies in the surroundings. The volcanic eruptions have been behind the creation of wonderful landscapes. The island also consists of caves, national parks and historical sites.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru made it to the list because it is a country which never falls short of places which are affordable yet exciting destinations for young and new travelers.

The first stop when in Peru should be Lima, the capital city. Lima is the go-to place for the best Peruvian delicacies. You will not find many things here that attract your attention, but the food here is sure to keep you stuck for a couple of days, at least.

Next is Machu Picchu, which you can get to via Cuzco. Machu Picchu is believed to be built by the Inca Civilization in the 1400s. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and still continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

These Inca ruins are situated atop 1700 ft. high mountain. The ruins of Machu Picchu are a proof to a civilization which existed in history, and was regarded as the most porweful empire in South America. If you are a lover of history and culture, this is what is sure to fascinate you.

Learn about how an entire civilization lasted through earthquakes (by building earthquake resistant homes and temples) and was able to form an entire system of drainage. Explore the various temples of Sun and Moon, Intihuatana Stone, Inca Bridge etc.

You visit to Machu Picchu will not only provide you with an exquisite view from atop the hill, but being there with an experienced and knowledgeable guide will let you get more information than what your guide books could ever offer.

For a more budgeted trip, you should travel independently and book a guided English tour once you have reached Machu Picchu. You will find many guides by the entrance to the ruins.

How to reach?

The most thrilling yet exhilarating route to the ruins is by hiking. The 3 night/4 days trail is sure to test the limits of your muscles and lungs. Try this only if you have blind faith in your organs.

If you’re the more laidback kind of traveler, Machu Picchu can be accessed via rail that runs from Cuzco or via road (on a bus) from Aguas Calientes. While the most popular one is taking the train, we suggest staying at Aguas Calientes for a day because often the visitors complain of having a “rushed” trip.

3. Easter Island, Chile

Chile is a country on South America which is actually a narrow strip of land along the coasts. It is known for food, wine (duh!), penguins and, of course, the Easter Island.

The Easter Island is located about 2500 miles away from Chile. It is considered to be the most remote island there is. The Rapa Nui civilization dwelled here and created stone figures (carved out of volcanic rocks) called the moai. The mystery still remains unsolved as to why and how they Rapa Nui people build their homes in such an isolated island.

For all those who love a bit of mystery, scenic beauty and history and archaeology, this is where you should be heading next. The temperature here is near perfect during the summer, making it the ideal destination. The residents are more than welcoming, and would love to share a tale or two if you’re interested in knowing their majestic history.

And if you’re lucky, you may just get to be a part of the festivities and celebration at the island!

Ever wondered what it feels like to lose everything you have? The example we are going to give is of the Easter Island. Although most of its structures are being rebuilt and restored, there is a reason which resulted in wiping out their entire population from over 10 thousand, to around 2 thousand.

This was the result of greed and overpopulation. The island which was once green and lush, was entirely destroyed to meet the growing needs of the people, trees were cleared and more homes were built, which also resulted in decrease in the number of animals who were dependent on the forests.

Easter Island is a small island spread over about 116 kms. of area and remains inhabited by locals. Those who have interest in archeology, history and culture are sure to gain an experience which is beyond the knowledge of texts.

The Easter Island provides the visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of wonder, calm and serenity.

To reach the Easter Island, you can take a direct flight from Tahiti or -----. Because of the remote location of this island, there are not many ways to reach it. Some tourists even take the waterways.

4. Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

Bhutan is a county in southern Asia which possesses a scenic beauty ornamented with high waterfalls and high altitude mountains. It is highly famous for the aesthetic beauty and, of course, one of the main attractions being the Tiger Nest Monastery.

Some thousands of feet above from the ground and as local people suggest, they really look like tiny dots on the sky. Enjoying the smell of the fresh leaves and the soothing winds carrying people‘s prayers while being closely associated with the nature is what draws thousands of hikers here.

This is the kind of place which takes you on a new kind of a spiritual journey, opening a door to a world of practisers of Buddhism. Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a meditation ground, a temple complex and a sacred site for the Buddhists. It was built in 1692.

It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava flew out to this place rising on the back of a Tigres. Hence, the name. This monastery is more commonly known as Paro Taktsang or Taktsang Palphug Monastery because it is located in the valley of Paro.

Guru Padmasambhava was the Buddhist master from India who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan. It is believed that in the 8th century, Guru Padmasambhava meditated in a cave in the Paro valley for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours. This cave was later built in to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

The reason for its popularity is not only that it is a sacred site and temple, but also for that fact that it is the best hike in the entire country of Bhutan. It will not be exaggerated to say that the one-hour climb to the temple is enthralling.

You can reach the valley via a flight to Paro, the only international airport of Bhutan, and then taking a horse to the top. You can reach Paro via Kathmandu (which is the capital city of Nepal).

5. Lapland, Finland

Want to just grab your camera and go on long dusty terrains driving ATVs with your friends? Then Lapland in Finland is where you want to go. Starting from trails through the sand and getting covered, it is a really amazing place for adventure and thrill. The streets in Finland and the artistic wall paintings are every photographer’s paradise.

Lapland is the northernmost region in Finland and very sparsely populated. Lapland is not only famous for being a photographers’ paradise or the adventurists’ dream destination, but for the natural phenomenas that result in awe-inspiring sights and stellar experiences, literally.

The view of the Northern Lights, 24-hour daylight phenomena in summer, the christmas feeling during bone-chilling winter, the magical, mysterious and fairytale-like Finnish Lapland is the dreamland of everyone, for it offers the visitors with out-of-the-storybook sceneries.

Finnish Lapland is a place of contrast, amusement and delight. No one leaves here without feeling dazed by the extraordinary picturesque sights. The beauty lies everywhere you look- from the snow-covered treetops and homes, to Huskies and Samoyeds pulling sledges; from little, secluded huts on hilltops to the busy and fast lives of the nearby towns- Finland is the reality which looks like a dream.

If all this hasn’t yet COMPELLED you to pack your bags, then you should know that Finnish Lapland is ALSO known for it’s thrilling line of adventure and winter sports activities that could give any other place a run for their money.

I bet I have your interest now.

To reach Finnish Lapland, you can reach Rovaniemi by road or air via the capital of Finland, Helsinki, to which you can easily get international airlines (like, Finair) from anywhere ‘round the world.

6. Petra, Jordan

Petra is a generally a hot place to visit anytime around the year in Jordan. With all its rugged landscapes and ruby colored rocks the place gives a very barren look. Exploring the city all the day and understand its exotic open culture and its history is what draws tourists all round the way. This place is a big draw for the world for its cheap accommodation in Jordan and delicacies that too comes at a reasonable price.

Petra is also known as the “Lost City” because of the fact that this city was lost until the 1800 when a European traveller found it. According to archeologists, this city was originally built in the 2nd century A.D., and was an empire of the Nabataeans from 400 B.C. to 106 A.D.

After this, the city remained uninhabited for centuries. Curious to know why? The visit this place and find out by yourself. I cannot ruin the thrill of it by letting all of it out on this article.

Apart from this, Jordan is a beautiful place. The city of Petra is located amidst mountains and sandstone cliffs. The city was carved from sandstones. The majestic sizes of the temples, monasteries and other buildings will only be a feast to your curiosity.

Some time spent at the Lost City followed by the tour of Jordan would make an example of a pleasant trip.

To reach Petra, you may take a taxi, bus or any other common mode of transport directly from the Aqaba, which is a port of Jordan.

7. Kolkata, India

Want a flexible break from college or work? The best place to be in touch with culture, food and literature that too at a low cost with all the exclusive luxuries.

Kolkata, the former capital of India, has fantastic weather with the best sweets and eastern dishes in the Southern Asia. Not too crowded as its metropolitan counterparts like Mumbai and Delhi, this city has just the right mixture of tradition and modernity.

With the rich culture and the warm people, this city always makes you feel connected and come back for more.

The best time to visit Kolkata is during Dussehra or Diwali or throughout the year. The hustle-bustle of the city, with celebrations going on every month, the city welcomes its visitors with lights and colors. The warmth of the people, the sweets and the food from every corner of the country is an important part of Kolkata’s daily life.

Old temples, museums and local food are the jewels that decorate this city of joy. Don’t mind me making so many mentions of “food”, once you visit the city, you will know why.

Kolkata has a part of everything, including high-end literature, poetry, art, and a bit of British architecture. The mix of everything may not make the city perfect, but it makes the city stand out.

You can reach Kolkata via the Netaji Subhas International airport, or by waterways or railways which are connected to the neighboring states of West Bengal.

8. Sphinx, Egypt

Not so far in history not many people were holidaying in Egypt, this sudden loss cost accommodations and the exotic tourist sites, which have turned the picture for tourism in Egypt upside-down.

Despite all this, the climate in its famous tourist attractions, Sphinx is a perfect gift to travellers with its warm days and mildly cold nights. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is visited by thousands in numbers to learn about ancient Egypt, and the monuments which were believed to be built in 2520 BC. The Great Sphinx, The Great pyramid of Giza and many other monuments and structures are present in the country of Egypt.

Cairo is also the largest city in Africa, and situated by the Nile river. Cairo has been the capital of many dynasties and cultures throughout its 1000-year-old history. It is the most crowded city in entire Africa, and as a result, faces many problems of overcrowding. But don’t be disappointed with this because Cairo has the Citadel, which was the home of Emperor’s of old Egypt, monuments, temples and buildings, and the ancient city of Memphis, which are proof to the greatness of its past that Egypt boasts of.

Minibuses, buses, private taxis or pre-booked taxis, rail services and the metro- all lead to the neighborhood of the pyramids from the City of Cairo.

9. Pokhara, Nepal

Loves enjoying in festivals? Want to go to a place celebrating seasonal festivals and still roam comfortably devoid of crowds. Plan a visit to Pokhara in Nepal. With enough festivals all around the year and the flawless temperature with the bounty nature beauty accompanied with cheap accommodation, this place is as perfect as it reads. With cheap living expenses and lip-smacking food, this is a perfect deal to spend a good time.

Pokhara, if you have heard of this place, is famous for its scenic beauty and transient lakes. For all those who have heard of this place, it will not be news if I saw that Pokhara is the first and prime destination for tourists.

Pokhara has a number of caves, old and famous temples and sites for various thrilling adventure sports activities. Bungee jumping, trekking, rock climbing and sky diving are only a few of the popular activities.

If you are one of the nature enthusiast and would love to give adventure sports a try, Pokhara would never fail you. It is situated around 260 kilometres West of Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal.

To get here, there are flights from Kathmandu and other modes of transportation like private cars and buses that take you in and out of the city. The lipsmacking, delicious Nepali food, the kind and polite locals and festivities round the year will keep you stuck to this place like bee to honey.

10. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

One of the most astonishing things to find in this reef is the variety of living organisms. You can get closer to the nature by taking part in the variety of activities like educational trips, snorkelling, scuba diving and boat rides among many others.

The Great Barrier Reef is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is considered to be the largest stretch of structure made entirely by living organisms.

The Great Barrier Reef has way more to it than fishes, mollusks, whales, shells and sponges. It is an entirely different world from the world we dwell in. The entire reef is a collection of over 3000 individual reef systems which come together as one long stretch of a living organism, which is over 1200 miles long.

The reef is surrounded by a cluster of islands, one out of which is the Whitsundays National Park. Another island of the cluster is the Hamilton Island which consists of places to eat, shop and relax along with luxury hotels. The surprising factor about this island is that there are no cars on here. Then how do the locals go around the island? In golf carts!

Apart from exploring the entire reef through sailing, you can take the helicopter ride, snorkeling, diving, cruising or glass-bottom boating (where you get to see what’s under the turquoise waters without getting wet).

Over a hundred species of jellyfish, six-hundred (or more) types of corals reside here in unison with over 600

Ways to reach this place are by taking fights from the surrounding islands of Hamilton.


The leader in trip-taking are Finns, who take the most number of trips around the world, followed by Americans. So, why are you still sitting here? Go ahead and get packing!