The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Passion

finding your passion in lifeI had never read the phrase “finding your passion” until high school. I programmed my head to stop thinking beyond pursuing a course in engineering. I was naive and didn’t have a clue about what engineers do. But I appeared for engineering entrance exams with great enthusiasm.

In my mind, my life was limited to get an entry into a premiere engineering institute. I got admit in an technical college and pursued an “electronics and instrumentation” engineering degree. I had no clue what I had put myself into.

Then I read about people loving what they do. That everyday must feel fulfilling and not tiresome. And my mind started wandering. I discovered that I do not like technical subjects. I was a creative free spirit. And I do not want to live the mundane 9-5 life.

That was my story of how I discovered that passion is an important component of life. And everybody needs to have one. The twenties is a great time for people to explore various avenues, change career paths and discover this passion thingy.

Why Finding Your Passion In Life Is Important

Before I talk about the steps to discover your passion, let me tell you why discovering this passion will help you in your life.

1. Pursuing your passion will make you feel great about yourself: Every individual is different and the conventional 9-5 job might not be your type. If you pursue the thing you love on a daily basis, you will have a high self-esteem.

2. You’ll realize your full potential: Every day you will strive to become better at your craft. You’ll practice with dedication and try to continuously add value through your talent. In a job not meant for you will probably not do as good as you can, because your heart lies elsewhere.

3. You’ll have an excitement filled life: The path towards chasing your passion will involve obstacles. It will not be a bed of roses. But the ride will be exciting. You’ll care and live for every single moment.

4. Leave a legacy: All of us have limited time in the world. And we want to make our contribution before leaving. How awesome would it be if you were remembered by the world as an expert in your favorite field, right?

How To Find Your Passion: The Two Possible Processes

how to find your passion guide

Every person is different. Some like to take their chances. And some people like to make only rational decisions. Here are the two possible processes you can follow for finding your passion:

1. Go all in and create a sense of urgency

This is what I would do. You need to make your body realize the scarcity of time. Life is too short to keep doing a tedious job that you’ll leave in a couple of years.

So go to your boss today and tell them that you have had enough. And you want to quit. Yes, you need to do it just like that without a plan. This might not be smart, but you’ll end up searching for a more relevant interest in a field of your choice.

As your finances will also be cut off, you’ll end up finding a way to make money for sustaining yourself. Make sure you don’t apply for a similar though. This process is meant to accelerate the process of finding your passion and it is only for the brave heats.

2. Do it the conservative way

Okay, this is more of a safer option. Keep doing some research while you are working at your job. This should buy you some time to think about all the possibilities in detail. You can talk with professionals in other industries where you have slight interest.

You can start to pursue your new found interest part-time. Try to find out how you’ll monetize it. It will take months, but you will start generating income from it. Once you start making a stable income, quit your day job.

introspection can help you find your purpose

Five Ways To Find Your Purpose

Now that you fancy untangling the puzzle, let us have a look at some ways to finding your mojo.

1. You are already pursuing it

This Might sound very strange. But you must already be doing what you are supposed to do, just that you aren’t successful at it.

Being successful at your craft fuels your passion. Currently, you are at a nascent stage. And you need to get proficient at it. Passion is the result of action and involves difficulties. Always remember that passion in itself will not cause action, you’ve to take that.

All the “follow your passion”, “find your life purpose” advice has hit your head. Clean your mind and start working proactively. Continuously strive for growth and improve yourself on a daily basis.

Later in your 30s or 40s or 50s, you might want to change your career and that is fine. We all get 3-4 decades to perfect 3-4 skills. If the job you are doing makes you feel energetic and fulfills your soul, then there is no reason to find another passion.

2. Dare to explore

I am curious about many things in life. I want to understand the technicalities involved in music, writing, internet marketing, acting, etc. But I have seen many people that have presumably dull. They are silent spectators and limit themselves to appreciating the brilliant creations.

If you are curious, then it is great. If you are not, try to develop a child’s perspective. Question how things you like work. Maybe, the acting of a character in a TV Show? Or how KFC manages to deliver super delicious chicken every single time?

Embrace all weird and unconventional field questions. The lesser obvious fields of interest make you unique. They can unravel motivation and a deep desire to excel in the particular craft.

3. Financial aspects are secondary

You need to forget about money. It is always a side product of awesome work. If there were no money, then what would you like to do?

Money is secondary and you should care about it the least. If you become an expert, you can teach courses around your passion online. Or write articles on the subject or start a blog.

You need to practice your craft and become an expert in it. How will you earn from it? You’ll do it on your own terms. You will find the answers for yourself.

4. Write the answer to these questions on a piece of paper:

What would you start doing today if you were to die in a year from now?

Who are the people you admire and what the traits you like about them?

How would you like the world to remember you?

take a career personality test for choosing a career5. Take a career personality test

You should get a general overview of your qualities by taking a Briggs Mayer personality test. There are 16 personalities and your behavior will match one of them.

I am an ENFP and my behavior matches to the points listed. I take impulsive decisions and do what my gut feeling tells me to without rationale. I like starting projects, but am bad at finishing them. I get energy by interacting with people.

The results from this test will also show you certain career paths. And this can be the start of your ideal job/career research.

But the results aren’t the end of the world. Being aware of your instincts will put you in a better position to judge how you want your daily life. You’ll be able to paint a better picture and get closer to your passion.

Additionally, you can take this test; it will help you identify some career possibilities basis of behavior.

Changing Careers And Landing Into An Unfamiliar Territory

If your personality does not blend with your profession, you might need to change it. You have to chase something bigger than your job and feel lively when doing your thing. Let me tell you that it might feel lonely and stupid. You’ll doubt every step when transitioning to a different career stream.

Say if you decide to become an entrepreneur from being an analyst. You will battle questions like, what will happen if I fail as a musician, how I will manage to sustain myself, etc.

But, adaptability is the key in this ever changing job landscape. Finding the right career fit will take some trails and it is a part of the transition. Embrace it.


Stay positive, focused, and accept uncertainty.

Living for a higher purpose in life is vital. You are meant to achieve awesome things in a field that blends with your personality. Following your passion will involve trails, it will not be a smooth journey.

Do not wait for the right moment and frown about unavailability of resources.

You are responsible for your life decisions. And you need to take the plunge for adding meaning to your life. Use one of the 5 ways I mentioned in the post to discover your passion.

Let me know your thoughts on passion and if you are already living it using the comments box below.

Life Hacks

How To Become Famous That’s More Than a Viral YouTube Video

becoming famous

Say you want the love and affection of people. You want people to know you and admire you. You love how Eminem or ___(put the name of your favourite celebrity) gets a standing ovations every time they perform in front of a crowd. You dream that God makes you famous, like Oprah.

Let me tell you the truth:

Fame is a by-product. It cannot be chased.

You can only build your skills and get on the stage to perform. Stop looking for get-rich-quick ideas and ways to become famous.

Okay, I have already revealed the secret. You cannot chase money and fame. Then, where do we go from here?

Well, let us delve deeper into the niche where you might want people’s love and admiration. Attracting the right kind of people is the key.

But, first let me warn you. It is a tough choice to make.

You can always find easier ways to get famous overnight. And you see people doing it everyday. You can always make a sex-tape like Kim Kardashian.

Or have a topless photo shoot that will go viral on Twitter. Or maybe you can make an anti-religious statement. Or maybe, you can speak irrationally against the generally acceptable norms (no, I don’t follow traditions, hello?) in society.

However, all these methods are nothing but pitiful and no good comes out of them. If you have self-respect and if you believe in spreading positivity on earth, abort the thought of routing on such missions. You will save the world a lot of  time. Also, you will save yourself some old-age embarrassment and regret (perhaps).

How to become YouTube famous and then get trolled?

One of the easier ways to bring yourself to the spotlight is uploading a crappy video on YouTube. If you are in luck, it will go viral with hundreds of thousands or even millions views on it. Rebecca Black’s Friday did it, you can also think of one such social gimmick, can’t you?

But, this is an infamy. This fame won’t last long, and you might even regret it later – due to the incessant amount of trolls that will be designed and thrown in your face (if you will have the guts to log into social media accounts, that is).

Make use of the powerful social media tools in a constructive way – Do not become a meme, a joke.

Be known for your talent.

What scale is good enough for you?


I assume that I have convinced you to take the hard-way around for getting famous. If you are not convinced, there is no need to read further.

Next, let us find out the scale at which you want people to know you.

Would you be okay with the people in your local community loving you for your public service? Or would you like your native state to know you as a politician?

Or would you like to be nationally recognized for your work? The scale will play an important role in deciding when to say yes or no. It is about finding the fame-level-comfort-spot.

choosing a field where you want to get famous

What field would you pursue?

What is the domain you would like to be associated with?

To find it: Go through the personalities that make your head go round. Which of them made you want to seek fame in the first place? You will get some quick answers. Write down the names of the top 5.

Remember that celebrities need not mean actors, musicians, guitarists, and writers. You can choose any realm for that mater.

Now read up on these famous people. Write down the top 3 quirks that make you admire them. Jot down the top 3 qualities that set these fellas apart from the others in your eyes.

You are getting closer to your chosen realm. Now, analyze which field is the one for you.

Now, hop on to the next step.

List your skills and pain points

Write down the top 3 skills that you need to achieve fame. Write down the top 3 pain points that stop you from reaching them. Now, set some time-bound goals and milestones in order to achieve the level of excellence in your niche/industry.

Here is an example that should explain this technique. Suppose you want to become an actor and Leonardo DeCaprio is your favourite actor.

Write down why you like the acting career trajectory of Leonardo and his 3 skills. Say these skills are his acting performance, real-life presence and fashion sense. The next obvious step would be studying acting at a school. But your major pain point is financial limitations.

Then, you can proceed towards your motto by joining a local theatre group. Keep performing and enjoying the art of acting at this local theatre community. Meanwhile keep hustling of ways to scale to the next stage.

Try to find scholarship opportunities at the top Drama schools and be on the lookout for sponsors. Or maybe give some auditions for movies.

As for the fashion sense and real-life presence, you can study courses/books on colour, fashion, personality development, etc. I hope you get the drill.

Effectively market yourself and keep at it to get your big break

It might take time to break into your field of interest. You will sometimes get compliments, sometimes not. It’s going to be a bumpy rid but make sure you keep the energy levels high. As long as you keep improving yourself and keep showing up you will make it.

Publicity and public relations are going to be one of the most important assets at your disposal. You will need to market yourself effectively on the right platform to get your first break. You can start contacting and cold-calling people for opportunities.

At the first contact, don’t try to sell yourself. You should just be willing to offer help. Just network and let them know you are available.

Communicate your skills and experience succinctly to convince folks to give you that first break. This first break can be writing a novel, your first music gig, first acting assignment, etc.

social media use in becoming popular

Make use of the Internet’s goldmine: Social media

The Internet (read as social media) is a powerful resource to promote your talent and skill. The best part is that it is cheap (most tools even free) and easy to use. As you have already decided the skill you want to be known for, you can publicize and broadcast your work on the Internet.

If you want to become a writer, start blogging, keep improving your writing skills, start interacting with other bloggers.

You might even land your first novel. Or if you want to perform a stand-up comic act, music act or a dance: upload your videos on YouTube regularly. Ensure that everything you share on the Internet is of superior quality.

Have a look at Derek Muller who owns a YouTube channel Veritasium. He is doing a PhD and uses YouTube effectively to present concepts of physics. He has done a brilliant job and already has over a million subscribers.

You can learn lots about building your audience, interacting, and engaging with them, handling criticism and much more by this activity. All these skills will be beneficial for you for life and simultaneously, you will be pursuing your aimed artistic endeavour.

Saying ‘No’ to lucrative choices

Suppose you want to become a national football player. You get a call to play as a captain for the regional club team. But you are also selected to play for the national team.

The problem is that you got selected as an extra in the squad (if someone from the main team gets hurt). You will need to say ‘No’ to one of them and make a judgment call.

Here is when that ‘scale’ on which you want to achieve fame comes into picture.

If you want recognition only in your community, the club team might do but if you are the ambitious kind you will take a shot at the national team (although you get a place in the extras).


Let the masses find you. Let that director discover you through a play. Or let that publishing house discover you through your blog. Meanwhile, you can keep up the marketing.

However, don’t sit idle, keep refining your skills. No one will like a hollow person who only likes to talk and is only average.

None of the talented famous people aimed at fame. They always tried to get better at their art. They focused on beating their own best.

You also need to work your ass off and forget about being famous now – Only then will you should reach the destination you aimed.  That was your how to become famous guide.

Why don’t you tell me your takeaways from the post using the comment box below?